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Olive is one of the 4-5 fruits mentioned in all the Scriptures by all the heavenly religions, which are as old as human history. All faiths have accepted and adopted the sanctity of the olive.Olive, olive tree,olive branch and olive oil have been considered sacred since ancient times, and in this direction it has always been a fruit that is revered and considered sacred. At some times the olive tree represented sanity, while at other times it represented victory and power.Olive is a source of healing and health food.It is believed to be one of the first trees created in the olive tree, which is believed by all faiths to be sacred.In short, Olive is a magnificent fruit that is God's greatest gift to humanity.

We produce olives as Cosar Olive and buy olive.Our factories are located in Manisa Soma in the Aegean region. It has 6,000 square feet of indoor space and produces 2,000 tons of olives per year and buy olive.We are buy olive all over the world without using any chemicals until the last moment on the table.Our products have managed to become among the known and acclaimed products in Turkey and the world.Buy olive  and after-sales services, we make every effort to be one of the best companies.

The only thing we care about as Coşar Zeytincilik is to get satisfied customers both in Turkey and all over the world and to act in this direction.It is the biggest step we have taken towards our goals for our customers to like our products and order them from our olive retail store again.It is our priority that all our customers who receive our products are satisfied with us and our products.To put it briefly, we have a goal to sell the same product to a customer not once but many times.


In order to give a brief information about Gemlik Olive in the olive varieties we sell olive, gemlik Olive has a structure that does not grow anywhere else in the world.With its unique flavor, it has been known in the region and all over the world and managed to become a preferred olive. The Spaniards ' world-famous Olive called Manzanilla has important features to take the throne.Among the most prominent features of the black olive we sell olive, small core and plenty of meat is one of the reasons why it is most preferred. The black gemlik olives we sell olives have their own unique karasteristic properties.Our olives, which are pickled and marinated with only water and salt, are naturally and naturally kept in brine pools for as long as 8 months.Our black olives, which we sell olives, have long shelf life and are robust and long-lasting enough to stay intact in their packaging for years.In addition,it is one of the characteristics that makes it one of the best olives to collect without being battered with one hand because it is extremely delicious, durable and healthy and its thin crust and fleshy.


Visit our store for sale and you should definitely taste our products in this exquisite health and flavor store.As we send our products into Turkey, we send them to the world by plane to the door without paying any cargo costs. Please call us for olive sales and quality service


 Best Olive 

In today's Turkey, Gemlik Olive is grown in almost every region of our country.Gemlik olive, which grows in every region, is known to have different characteristics, although it is the same as a variety.Gemlik olives are usually grown in the Marmara and Aegean regions and Gemlik olives grown in this region are exported all over the world. In addition, this type of Olive has recently become widespread in Manisa,Balıkesir,Hatay,Adana and Mersin regions.

Gemlik Olive is known and consumed as best olive all over the world.Gemlik Olive has a flavor and structure that does not grow anywhere in the world Gemlik Olive, the best Olive, is an extremely durable olive variety.It can be stored in all weather conditions without losing its freshness and flavor. Gemlik Olive is fermented with salt only in brine pools and salt measurements are made in certain periods of these pools.It is known as the best olive because it has a thin shell with plenty of flesh and a small core.

The best olive Gemlik olive oil is one of the healthiestoils in the world. You can consume food and salads safely and safely, and you can take advantage of this health source.


Quality olive

Black or green does not matter in terms of health benefits of both are numerous in the stream can not be counted. Quality olives are a healing source.One of the rare and rare foods presented by the creator to us servants. It is almost a gift sent to his servants by the sublime creator.In all other holy books, especially the Qur'an, he insists on the wound and the miraculous aspects of Olives. Olive tree is one of the oldest and longest-lived trees known. With its strong structure and strong roots, it is like a warrior who has challenged the ages. So much so that despite all the long lives and the suffering he has experienced, he could come to our day without losing any of its features and preserving its fruits like a compassionate mother.

According to research, the olive tree was first seen in history ıt Shows 6000 years ago . So that the ancient people used to see and use olive as a religious object. However, after a certain period of time has passed and the Olive has taken a good place in the society, olives have been used as food and consumed. Thus, the quality olive has come without losing its value at this time and is consumed as a must by people. We have tried to talk about the main benefits of Olives below, and we hope that the quality olive that has such important benefits will come into everyone's life and make an important contribution to life.

* Olive contains many vitamins and minerals in within. It is almost a vitamin and mineral store.Olive consumption in people with more than this useful vitamins and minerals are available.

* Studies in people who consume olives regularly reduce the risk of developing stomach and pancreas cancer

* The positive effects of Olive on heart and vascular diseases are known and recommended by doctors to consume high quality olives

* Olive protects the liver and makes it work more healthy.

* High quality olive reduces aging in bones and has positive effects on bone health.

* Olive is like a warrior fighting diseases in terms of vitamins and minerals contained in all.High quality olives are as important and beneficial as an antioxidant.

* Constipation problem is not seen in people who consume regular olives due to the effect of the intestines.

* The contribution of the digestive system is too numerous to be denied.Quality olives are as valuable as a warrior fighting viruses and parasites.

* It is possible to look more vigorous and younger thanks to the Olive that is effective in the regeneration of the cells. Of course, if you consume quality olives on a regular basis.

* Research has also found that olive reduces cholesterol and is encouraged to consume it by doctors.

* Alzheimer's disease is seen in people quite a way in recent times. In people who consume olives regularly, the risk of getting Alzheimer's disease is reduced.

* High fiber ratio due to the high quality olive diet regimes banned by dietitians ; diet menus are especially added.

* Varicose veins is a disease seen in people who are more than standing. As a result of the researches, it has been determined that there is a decrease in the varicose veins of the people who consume olives on a regular basis.

* Quality olive strengthens the immune system in cold winter days, reducing the risk of getting diseases.

* A 30% increase in the memory of people who consume olives regularly compared to those who consume olives has been observed. It shows us how effective the Olive provides to our memory.

* Consuming olives also makes the skin healthy and delays aging.

* 5 to 7 high quality olives that are thrown into the mouth before meals and the brain to send a feeling of fullness helps us eatless So it helps us with weight control.

The above benefits are some of the main olive-related features. The Olive is so important that we can't finish it if we count the benefits here. remind you and especially to emphasize that in any health problems, doctors should first be consulted and benefit from modern medicine. However, with the advice of the doctor should consume olives as reinforcing food. Otherwise, it is not possible to provide treatment as a medicine alone and by staying away from modern medicine.

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The Best Olives

As a nation, we have breakfast culture. When breakfast is called, We can think of butter, honey, cream, olives, fresh smelling tomatoes and peppers. It's a village breakfast. Health and energy supply. Such a table gives life to a person. At the corner of this table is the Cosar Black Olive, which is the best olive. The black and green olive, the best olive grown in the Aegean and fed by the sun from the air from the health and healing waters of the Aegean, deserves its place in the head of such a breakfast table.

With this type of breakfast table, the human filling peace become more energetic in a vigorous state. When the best olive is called, health and intimacy fragrances come with these delicious olives, which are grown and collected from their trees, which are taken care of by our uncles and aunts with a thousand labor. When the Olive is said to be the best, feelings such as humility and sincerity beauty come to mind. The best olive is the embodiment of all these beautiful feelings.

Means also the best olive means peace, means the mean abundance of humanity. Olive and olive tree is a must for treating us like a medicine for all our ailments. The most important it is life.

There is a rumor that the flood of Noah has begun. The Prophet Noah , along with the Prophet , opened to the sea after receiving animals and birds in the quantities and types specified by the creator. The flood is so severe that the world has reversed. The Earth is mixed together. It's like apocalyptic. The sea has finally cooled. The Prophet Noah ordered him to go to one of the white dove on the ship and bring him news from the surroundings. The pigeon takes off and circulates and finally comes out with an olive branch in its mouth. This branch of Olives is the good news that everything is stopped and the flood is finished. Since then, the White Pigeon and Olive Branch have become a symbol of friendship and peace.

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Olive is an agricultural food product that is fermented by waiting in the pools with water and salt without any additives and coming to the tables in its most natural form. Turkey in the world in terms of olive production, the olive tree density is 5.are in order. In our country, which is one of the countries in the olivemarket in the world, quality olives are grown in different types and different regions. There are more than 50 species of Olives in our country, the indispensable, miraculous and healing source of the breakfast.


Gemlik Olive is known as the best olive in the region, which has a structure and taste that does not grow anywhere else in the world. It is the only olive that comes to mind when it is called Olive with its special characteristics and priesthood, with its cultivation style, climate, geography and many other factors. it is the only olive that comes to mind when it is called the best quality olives and the best olives all over the world. Gemlik olive has proved these characteristics by taking a geographical registration mark. Because shelf life is long, it can remain in its packaging for months without deterioration. The seed is small, rich in flesh and the shell is thin. It is durable and very tasty. It's collected by hand. In order to have high quality olives, it is necessary to be fermented with only water and salt. Quality olive branch darkens, natural black. It is prepared as natural, the best olive comes to your table in its natural, organic form without any chemical additives.

According to olive varieties Gemlik Olive has the most important share in the production of black olives with table. It is grown in almost every region of our country. Olive sales companies must fulfill some essential features in order to ensure the quality of Gemlik olives. it is the best management of the whole olive production and olive sales process with the awareness of total quality, timely harvesting of the product, processing of the product in suitable conditions, ensuring that the product is based on healthy methods and maintaining the packaging.

Gemlik olives are known as the best olives and the grains are very beneficial and nutritious. Like grains, olive oil leaves have too many benefits to be counted as Shell and tree. Leaves and shells lower high blood pressure and sugar, has therapeutic properties against intestinal disorders. Oil cuts liver pains, increases bile, is very useful in jaundice. The healthy fat that can be used in French fries is olive oil. Our company, which sell olives, produces and sells Gemlik black olives, which is known as the best and quality olives by everyone. We want you to know that we have produced all our olives carefully and that we have presented you with care to the tables of our valued customers.

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