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Olive is an agricultural food product that is fermented by waiting in the pools with water and salt without any additives and coming to the tables in its most natural form. Turkey in the world in terms of olive production, the olive tree density is 5.are in order. In our country, which is one of the countries in the olive market in the world, quality olives are grown in different types and different regions. There are more than 50 species of quality olives in our country, the indispensable, miraculous and healing source of the breakfast.


Gemlik Olive is known as the best olive in the region, which has a structure and taste that does not grow anywhere else in the world. It is the only olive that comes to mind when it is called Olive with its special characteristics and priesthood, with its cultivation style, climate, geography and many other factors. it is the only olive that comes to mind when it is called the best quality olives and the best olives all over the world. Gemlik Zeytin has proved these characteristics by taking a geographical registration mark. Because shelf life is long, it can remain in its packaging for months without deterioration. The seed is small, rich in flesh and the shell is thin. It is durable and very tasty. It's collected by hand. In order to have high quality olives, it is necessary to be fermented with only water and salt. Quality olive branch darkens, natural black. It is prepared as natural, the best olive comes to your table in its natural, organic form without any chemical additives.

According to olive varieties Gemlik Olive has the most important share in the production of black olives with table. It is grown in almost every region of our country. Olive sales companies must fulfill some essential features in order to ensure the quality of Gemlik olives. it is the best management of the whole olive production and olive sales process with the awareness of total quality, timely harvesting of the product, processing of the product in suitable conditions, ensuring that the product is based on healthy methods and maintaining the packaging.

Gemlik olives are known as the best olives and the grains are very beneficial and nutritious. Like grains, olive oil leaves have too many benefits to be counted as Shell and tree. Leaves and shells lower high blood pressure and sugar, has therapeutic properties against intestinal disorders. Oil cuts liver pains, increases bile, is very useful in jaundice. The healthy fat that can be used in French fries is olive oil. Our company, which sells olives, produces and sells Gemlik black olives, which is known as the best olives and quality olives by everyone. We want you to know that we have produced all our olives carefully and that we have presented you with care to the tables of our valued customers.

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