Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 Liter (ZY-2)

Price : $20.00

Our products are belong to the oils extracted from olives has grown in our gardens.All our products are completely native and natural. Our production is completely hygienic environment.We invite all our customers to visit our factory and production facility. 

The Specification of Our Olive Oils. 


For a high quality olive oil many factors must be together at the same time.The production of high quality of olive oil passes through many stages.Type of olive tree ,Season conditions,the wind and harvesting method are important stages.The best quality olive oils in our Country is producing in the Aegean and Marmara regions.The Gemlik black Olive Oil Edremit green Olive oil  is the best quality olive oils in Turkey.The rate of oil acids in these regions are very low.When you smell our olive oil in these regions ,yolu will feel freshness and healing.Healthy olive grains should be used for high quality olive oil.Olives must be warmless and not to be rotten so this is very important for the quality of olive oil. 


How to be taste of high quality of extra Virgin olive oil? 


 When you taste a high quality olive oil ,you should take smell and taste similar to the Spring  Gardens.The smell and taste of olive oil make you happy and you should taste fruit  in your palate.All of these features are available in this product you are currently viewing .We hope you will be satisfied with our product that we offer to your liking. 


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