Sultan Tea (Mesir Tea) 20 Staraining Bags (MC-3)

Price : $21.00

Manisa Mesir Paste is produced by the Promition of  Mesir and Tourism Association. Mesir Paste organization has been lasted for 56 years.. It is recomended to use a tablespoon of Mesir Paste 3 times a day in Adults.. Especially there is a great benefit to be eaten in fasting.Children 12 years of age and over is recomended to use half tablespoon in 3 times a day.. Children under 12 years of age should be consumed 2 times a day ,including morning ABD evening with a teaspoon.According to rumor ; it is recomended that those who want to see their benefits continue to eat for 40 days.Mesir Paste has no known any side effect.There are many benefits of Manisa Mesir Paste a flavour known and loved all over the world.Mesir Paste consist of 41 diffrent types of spices and there are therapeutic properties.. It has an amazing therapetuatic benefits along with 41 kinds of spicesİt is good for stomach ,it is increases sexual power and inflammation eliminator. You can consume Mesir Paste by mixing it with hot milk and water.While you are drinking tea ,you can use Mesir Paste instead of sugar.


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